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As a premier portal for Filipinos here and abroad, provides extensive and maximum exposure for your online advertisements. Pinoys and foreigners alike are sure to see your ads in the most profound, distinct, and clear manner, without the hassles! Moreover, we make sure that your ads get the right results, we make sure your ads work for you!

On our first year alone we have made an active online Filipino community which is our primary source of internet traffic in terms of page views and unique visits. We have gathered a loyal following of active members all across the globe that continue to grow everyday. Our comprehensive line-up of content is a compelling reason for the members to visit us regularly.

We offer you more than just the traditional form of online banner advertising. Aside from the round-robin fashion wherein each ad is placed and shown in queue, we also have dedicated banners catered to your needs for a much better perspective. This will therefore provide you with the constant exposure you need to advertise that product or service. No more waiting in line for that banner to be shown, and certainly no randomly shown ads!

To better reach your target audience we include your ads in our database for people using our search engine in looking for a particular interest, that which could be you! In addition, your ad is placed in particular pages by which it is best categorized. This is achieved by associating your ad with a set of appropriate keywords and particular sites that best suits your product, service, or company. Your ads are certainly displayed at the right page at the right time!

Should you be interested in advertising with us, we'll be more than willing to provide you with our statistics and demographics. For more questions and details, kindly fill out this form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. We will be more than glad to accommodate your inquiries and all your advertising needs.



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