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Our Concept

In 1998, a group of young IT professionals in the Philippines engaged in doing outsourcing work for companies abroad thought of using the Internet as a tool for bringing all Filipinos around the world virtually closer to home.

With the help of some senior advisers, the young IT professionals made their spare time and their companies' spare resources to good use. They developed an Internet website that rode on 64Kbps leased line and a few megabytes of spare storage.

On April 9, 1999, the young IT professionals' brainchild made its worldwide debut.

Our Commitment

GP's first offering was the chat facility. The chat somewhat gave an exclusive privilege to those who knew GP existed. The news spread like wildfire on dried leaves. With a big source of light coming from Filipinos around the globe, GP add more flammable features like email, forums and freedom wall.

As technology advanced further, more features, such as photo albums, music and videos were added.

Soon, a group of employees were tasked to focus on GP. They are tasked to maintain and improve the services of GP.

With an established following, GP became a melting pot for Filipinos around the world. They read and shared news and gathered information.

The company's noble intention was soon noticed. GP received the People's Choice Award for Community Website Category and Best Website for the Community/Portal Category in 2003 and 2004, respectively.

Our Room for Continuous Improvement

From the time of its initial conception in 1998, GP continues to serve the overseas Filipinos with the same motivation, dedication, and commitment.

Some of the previous sections of GP were: directories, entertaining stories, success stories, odd jobs, puzzles, recipes, and chat.

GP highlights a Philippine heritage section that familiarizes Filipinos, particularly those who were born and raised outside the archipelago, to local culture.

Aside from free content and membership, GP tucks a shopping mall, an exhibition trade hall, and a private radio station under its wings. Information sources are coming from all over the globe. Members have become willing contributors too.

Truly a watering hole for Filipinos around the world, GP continues to open its doors to those who want to be closer to their home.

A New!

To keep up with the changing times, with 29.7 million Internet users in the Philippines in 2009, GlobalPinoy has evolve to reach more Filipinos around the world.

The new GP now focuses on user generated contributions with its new sections: Travel & Leisure, Culture & History, Buy & Sell, Topics & Discussions, Lifestyle & Entertainment and The GP Blog.



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